Wir verkaufen unsere Jugend

(We’re selling our youth)
1998, Folding-bike-stunt-show / Klapprad-Stunt-Show

In cooperation with Malte Tinnus and Tobias Zöllkau.

20 minutes performance at the 3-day art event Arosa Terrace Club in Frankfurt/Germany in which the three artists poseing as stuntmen on their old 70s folding bikes. The parking place behind the art scene was changed to an racing/stunt area with signs, old tires, straw bales and a flaming »killer ramp« to jump over a car. The show was announced as stunt show, but the artists performed without actually doing any real stunt. A major part of the performance were fake safety measures before and during the stunt show which ended after three failed attempts to jump over the car.