»faire la malle«

2010, wood, cotton, imitation leather, metal fittings, aluminum, European standard stacking crates
H 181 x W 179 x D 74 cm

The work consists of a free-standing overseas cabinet trunk. The drawers within are second hand plastic containers, customary used in industry and trade (European standard stacking crates).
The title refers to the French term, “se faire la malle”  which means “to get away”. (“malle” – overseas trunk).

The work was created for the exhibition »RUHR.2010 – Cultural Capital of Europe – GrenzGebietRuhr – Checkpoint« at Kunsthaus Essen. In “The European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010”, the exhibition “Checkpoint” reflects on the life experiences of migrants in the Ruhr Metropolis, as well as in the whole European context. The artistic contributions are concerned with cultural, linguistic, geographical and psychologically effective boundaries. They visualize their significance and effectiveness against the backdrop of a constantly changing urban society characterized by migration and migration.