2005, Work done in/on an old circus trailer at the Offenbach harbour.

1. wooden insect-showcase, styropor toy plane, inkjet-print, insect-pins, each H 25 x W 35 x D 6 cm
2. adhesive foil on circus trailer

As Mimese is imitation to outsmart enemies, the trailer was prepared with the Red Cross emblem, an international protective sign. It is used to mark all persons and objects under the protection of the four Geneva Conventions. (Don‘t attack!). 
->Zoomimese: Imitation of non-prey-animals.

Inside there were shown six showcases with bird-mimics, imitating warplanes of different countries through roundels on their wings. (roundel: military used emblem to show the nationality)
-> Mimicry: Imitation of dangerous, poisonous or uneatable species.

Six parted »Mimesis« series: »Sweden«, »Taiwan«, »Malaysia«, »Albania«, »Finland«, »Thailand«