Spirit level paintings and sculptures

The paintings of the series »Libellen« show a part of the measuring device which is used in spirit levels. This device consists of a glass tube which is incompletely filled with a liquid leaving a bubble in the tube. This bubble indicates whether the surface is level. In German this device is called »Libelle« presumably from the Latin word »libra – scale.« »Libelle« is also the German word for »dragonfly.«
Depending on the angle given by the position of the bubble in the painting the paintings have to be placed on the wall.

»1° 43′ 6″«, »1° 17′ 20″«, »1° 34′ 30″« 2004, acrylic on canvas, H 45 x W 200 x D 5 cm each

»Libellen 01-11« 2005, acrylic and adhesive foil on wood, H 40 x W 10 x D 3 cm each

»Dosenlibelle 01« 2006, acrylic and adhesive foil on wood, Dia 40 x H 3 cm

Spirit level light-objects made from emergency exit signs.
Similar to the spirit level paintings, the image of the bubble on the light-object dictates the correct angle the object is to be placed on the wall.

»Libelle L02« 2004, lambda-print on back-lit box, H 5 x W 18 x D 6 cm

»Libelle L03-06« 2004 Lambda-print on back-lit box, H 9 x W 36 x D 9 cm each