2003, cotton, H 74.2 x W 120 cm

This work was done end of 2003 for the group exhibition Emporter des femmes à Paris which took place at Goethe-Institute Athens/Greece in January 2004. All works of the participating artists are about the saying Eulen nach Athen tragen roughly translated as to carry owls to Athens, idiomatic for doing something completely useless. This is similar to the English idiom to carry coals to Newcastle.

All the proportions of the flags design are in the ratio of the »golden section« and he colours are similar to the colours of the Greek flag. The first person who exactly explained the also called »golden ratio« was the Greek mathematician Euklid of Alexandria (in Greek Eukleides).
The title of the work is the combination of his name and the German name of the displayed nocturnal bird of prey.