The catalog »Valentin Beinroth – Ordo & Mensura« was released according to the
2010 exhibition »Valentin Beinroth ›&c.‹«.

The catalog format and the cover motive relate back to the work shown in this exhibition, which deals with measuring and reference measures. (See HI-cubit)

The width of six catalogs laid next to one another equals the length of the shown reference measure.

After printing, an image of the scale of the measure was applied onto the covers of the six catalogs, positioned one next to the other. Every catalog is a one-off and the exact position within the series is indicated and certified by the signature of the artist on the inside.

Download Catalog PDF »Valentin Beinroth – Ordo & Mensura« (5.7 MB)

Catalogs from different series:

Each catalog is numbered and signed.